Frequently Asked Questions

No. Membership is free and there is no time limit on the expiry.

There is no limit on the number of items you want to sell, buy or donate.

Log in to the site, and create new item. Select "sell" and complete the other details. This process is also to buy and donate books. Just select "Buy" or "Donate" and post the item. does not charge any money for the transactions on this site.

All transactions are offline, and do not provide any online payment process. The seller collects money directly from the buyer in their preferred modes. Similarly the buyer pays directly to the seller to purchase the item.

There is no expiry date for the items listed on this site, However recommends the members to either delete their post or update the status, once the item is sold.

You can attach only one image for one item.

Once the item is listed on the, the contact form will be displayed on the right column on your post. The buyer/seller can contact you by using that contact form.

The points are accumulated based on the number of items you post on the site. User can get points for all types of listing (buy, sell, donate), and the points are rewarded with gift vouchers or any other type of rewards during the rewards period.

There is no particular season or month for the rewards period. may send you the notification for any rewards that you are entitled at any point of time.

Users will be notified about the rewards to the registered email address. Users are advised to check the emails from time to time.