Ways to Say I Love You: To Those You Love the Most

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Stephen Arterburn, Carl Dreizler and Jan Dargatz
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Tell the important people in your life how much you love them with these simple ideas and suggestions that will confirm your love through time spent together. Get creative with these special ways to bring love to a sometimes loveless world. Any two people who love one another can use this book--husbands and wives; mothers and daughters; fathers and sons; lifelong friends, parents, grandparents, family: the ideas are designed to create closeness in all kinds of loving relationships.Make an ordinary day an event; a moment, a treasured memory; a touch, a vow of forever. Some of the included ideas are new; some of them are as old as mankind itself. Fun, romantic, playful or serious, they will help you get closer to the ones who matter to you the most. And there are a number of unique ways to send messages of love to the children around you. Build a special bond with the people you truly care about, those little ones in your life, and especially the one person you love the most. Grow stronger together with a little help from these great suggestions for expressing unselfish, total love.

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